We like to refine texts, because experience has shown us that thorough proofreading is indispensable for a quality translation. This is why, at Lema Translators, all our translations are revised by native translators who detect any terminological or stylistic errors. Although we don’t only correct our translations, we also proofread Spanish texts and translations that are not ours. If you want this added quality to your work, send us your documents for proofreading.

Tell us what you need and we will be happy to help. Call us on 91 541 28 14 or write to us at You can also ask us directly for a free, no obligation quote.

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    We proofread our translations and other

    We only work with native translators.

    Revision and correction

    A flawless written document presents a better image and will give you a higher ranking on Google. This is why our native bilingual translators correct every translation we do. Only in this way can we guarantee a perfect result, free from terminological and stylistic errors. We also have proofreaders who will ensure that any text you send us is returned flawless.

    Spelling, grammar
    and font

    The result: well written texts, which are easy to read.


    This is not limited to correcting typos and misspellings; it also includes grammatical errors and mistakes in typography and layout. Meaning that the writing is given a visual coherence so that it reads well and the message is clearly received.


    We improve the style of your texts without losing the message.

    We enhance understanding

    We edit the style to make the text more expressive and have a greater impact on the reader, because sometimes the writer may not be able to communicate well in spite of being very knowledgeable. We guarantee that the message the author wishes to convey will be communicated in the best possible way.


    Mostly European languages, but also those from other continents.


    We are specialists in the most common European languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. However, we also have proofreaders in languages such as Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, Albanian and Romanian.

    Our clients say…

    «Lema Translators always respond quickly to our requests for translations in any language, and they also send us interpreters who best suit our clients. Their service is efficient and quick, of a high calibre and with close attention to detail. Of course we would recommend them.»
    Margaret Hauschild, Bennet & Rey Lawyers.
    «I have been working with Lema Translators for three months and I am pleasantly surprised by their speed, professionalism and monitoring of assignments, their customer service and their good work. It is a pleasure to work with Paco Lema and his team.»
    Clara Díaz, Save The Children
    «On several occasions, the projects entrusted to Lema Translators were subject to strict deadlines and very specific terminology. However they have always resolved the problem perfectly. I would like to emphasise their high standards of professionalism, quality and customer care.»
    Jesús Hernández, Serena Software
    «I have worked with Lema Translators on many occasions and I have always been very pleased with the quality of their work. They are reliable, available, friendly and highly competent. I strongly recommend their services.»
    Aurélie Drillet, CCR-S
    «They work hard on every project and show great professionalism and dedication. Our last collaboration was a success thanks to their team of highly experienced interpreters.»
    José Camblor, Atlanta Corporate Events
    «Without knowing me they adapted their priorities to my needs and responded so quickly that I could bring the project forward. Their response was efficient, fast and excellent. Since then I have incorporated them as one of our regular collaborators given their excellent professional quality.»
    Raquel Tanarro, Intered
    «We have worked with Lema Translators for years now and they are good and quick, but above all, they are very thorough. They deliver extremely well organised documents. In short, they are professional, reliable, responsible and meet their deadlines. Highly recommended.»
    Esther Freire de Dios, En Babia Comunicación
    «We were very satisfied with the results. The translation we gave them was complicated, due to the financial and legal terms it contained, but they completed it perfectly. Not only for the quality of the translation, but also the time it took, which was less than what I had estimated.»
    Antonio Riballo, Madrileña Red de Gas
    «Lema Translators has got us out of many tight spots with their high quality translations in different languages and short spaces of time. They have gained our trust.»
    Encina Villanueva, Intered
    «What makes Lema Translators stand out is their professionalism and experience, the quality of their services, good customer care, warmth and the competitiveness of their prices. I will continue to use them.»
    Carlota Taboada, Casa del Lector
    «Lema Translators are very professional, resourceful, quick and effective. Highly recommendable!»
    Belén Francisco, Acción y Comunicación
    «What stands out about the professional relationship with Lema Translators, is their excellent customer care, warmth and professionalism, as well as the quality of their work, the adherence to deadlines and their good price. Highly recommendable.»
    Raquel Forca, SEGIB
    «It is a pleasure working with Lema Translators. The team is highly efficient and professional and the quality of their work is very high. Our company is very satisfied and we continue to work with them.»
    Irina Badea, Greenet Project
    «Lema Translators have always proven themselves to be a meticulous company who pay close attention to detail (something important in translations). They advise us on any doubts that arise and they always meet deadlines. They have an excellent personal and professional manner.»
    María Cimadevilla, Oxfam Intermón
    «It has been an extremely positive experience. I want to highlight Lema Translators’ great professionalism and excellent customer care.»
    Santiago Ferradas, Estampaciones Industriales
    «Highly professional: they offer a high quality service in their technical precision, strict adherence to deadlines and excellent personal attention. Very highly recommended!»
    Ana Alcaraz, Ayuda en Acción
    «I have worked with Lema Translators for many years now and I always realise how efficient they are. I trust them so much that I have recommended their services to my friends. They are meticulous with the quality of their work and are highly professional.»
    Yann Tyng Kooi, Cliente particular
    «They provide an impeccable service, very quick and attentive. I like them!»
    Cris Lancha, Acción y Comunicación